<!----> Projects -------- You can found most of my open source projects on my [GitHub](https://github.com/khertan) account. While only a few are still maintained, the following one are maintained : * [BitPurse](/bitpurse) : A secure Bitcoin wallet for Nokia n9 / n950 (MeeGo). * [RulesPasswords](/rulespasswords) : A cordova application for Android / Blackberry / iPhone to generate password from a hash. * [GEdit-Flake8](/gedit-flake8) : A python plugin to use flake8 inside GEdit 3. * [GEdit-AutoPEP8](/gedit-autopep8) : A python plugin to use autopep8 inside GEdit 3. Works in progress, will be back (soon) ! ----------------------------------------- I'm currently rewriting and simplifying … Archives and old posts will be available soon. Also working on a mobile application for runners : ForRunnners.