Compiling from source OpenSSL on Fedora 21

 jeu. 15 janvier 2015

As Fedora made the choice to mutilate OpenSSL, removing some ciphers, and eliptic curves, you could try to rebuild the package from the rpm. But the process is complex, as they slain the lib with many patches.

So that a memo to myself and those who would like to use PyBitMessage on Fedora to rebuild openssl from sources : You will need to rebuild it each time you upgrade openssl with yum or dnf.

cd /tmp
./config --prefix=/usr/ zlib enable-camellia enable-seed enable-tlsext enable-rfc3779 shared
make depend && make all
sudo -E make install

2014, strange year

 mer. 14 janvier 2015

2014 was a strange year for me, mainly because i was working on a product since 2007 which will not be maintained anymore in 2015. And i ll probably not touch 4D language anymore in the company i'm working for. So i m now fully working on products developed with Python.

2014 was also a Mobile IT frustrating year : i didn't see any real concern from most people about privacy since the Snowden's revelation in 2013, i lost any hope in Jolla Oy to continue what Nokia starts with Maemo then MeeGo. Also seeing that the old Qt promise : "code once, deploy everywhere" vanish, and then BlackBerry dropping Qt5. And there is no real choice between trading one or other (fondamentals software liberties)[] with Android or iOS. But i hope that we will see interesting FirefoxOS Mobile in 2015, there is a good start with the Fx0. So do not expect any Qt development for Blackberry 10 OS currently, i ll not until they officially support Qt5.

And to be honest, i see nice IT related things in 2014 :

  • the best SDK i ve see for mobile application development : The Sailfish OS SDK (QtCreator + Tools + targets VM), and the Silica component are nice (except Jolla break their promise to release them as open source).
  • Python 3.4 Released
  • Firefox OS seems to evolve really well, i like the fx0 specs.
  • Many initiatives appear to create easily personnal cloud or syncing without third party to trust (except code source for private apps) : BTSync, Syncthings, and look like ownCloud become more stable.

I've recently play a bit with Cordova, and also writing a little "" like app for Blackberry10 to test a bit Cordova and Onsen UI. Theorically it should also run on other platform supported by cordova, but i ven t test yet (still waiting my samsung Android tab to test): RulesPasswords.

RulesPassword on BlackBerry AppWorld :: RulesPasswords Android APK