Benoit HERVIER (Khertan)

Gedit Flake8 and AutoPEP8 Plugin update 

Gnome GEdit 3.14 (available in Debian Jessie) have changes in his API that make previous version of my two plugins not working with it. So i've update it for Gnome GEdit 3.14. The two update are available on GitHub.

New project : sparkleNotes 

If you follow my tweets, you probably know that i ve stoped all developments for the Jolla Device and Sailfish OS, and i ve switched to a Blackberry Z10, so i'm starting to rethink my apps to port them to Blackberry 10.

My first port / rewrite will be a ...

ownNotes 1.8.2 

A new release of ownNotes 1.8.2 is available since few days on for SailfishOS, this new version is a port from python 2 to python 3.

The sync have been rewrited as some python module wasn't available for python 3 and should be more reliable ...