New project : sparkleNotes

Published 1st Aug 2014 by BenoƮt HERVIER

If you follow my tweets, you probably know that i ve stoped all developments for the Jolla Device and Sailfish OS, and i ve switched to a Blackberry Z10, so i'm starting to rethink my apps to port them to Blackberry 10.

My first port / rewrite will be a note taking app with Markdown support, which will sync with SparkleShare (and so should also with any git repository), a bit in the spirit of ownNotes, without the ownCloud sync that i didn't use anymore (that's another story).

Actually it s still an idea, and i m playing a bit with Qt5 and QtCreator on BB10. If you know any Open Sourced apps that use Qt5 on BB10, i ll be happy to see how UI is done with QML.